Which are the best? Undermount kitchen sinks or overmount kitchen sinks? Please read the following information to assist you in deciding which one is suitable for you and your luxury kitchen worktops.

The kitchen sink can be as much of a feature in your kitchen as the worktops are. It is an essential, functional part of your home that all the family use.

Choosing the right sink is an important part of the planning process when designing your new kitchen. We offer a wide range of sinks that have been designed to suit a vast array of requirements with quality that lasts.

Undermount sinks can be made from various materials, the most popular being stainless steel. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean and will not rust. Alternative materials used in the manufacture of undermount sinks suitable for luxury worktops are ceramic, solid surface and resin. Ceramic and resin sinks tend to be heavier than stainless steel sinks, and therefore require an additional ‘cradle’ support within the sink base unit.Undermount sinks can look more stylish than overmount, or ‘inset’ sinks, as they expose the polished or expertly finished inner edge of the cutout in the worktop. Using materials such as Corian, the sink can be blended seamlessly into the worktop, producing a superior, stylish, fluid look.

Overmount sinks are installed into an unpolished,and subsequently unseen, cutout in the worktop. These sinks generally include the tap hole and drainer area. The most popular material used for these sinks is stainless steel. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean and will not rust. Alternative materials used in the manufacture of over-mount sinks are ceramic, resin and glass. These sinks are often used in utilities more than in main kitchen areas.

Belfast sinks are popular in more ‘traditional style’ kitchens, Belfast sinks are generally manufactured from ceramic, but are also available in stainless steel. Luxury worktops usually overhang a belfast sink at the sides and rear, and include a drip groove cut into the underside of the worktop to help divert water back down into the base of the sink.

Butler sinks are not dissimilar to Belfast sinks, the main difference being a Butler sink does not sit ‘underneath’ the worktop, but ‘in between’ the worktops. Usually made from ceramic and includes a tap hole. Drainer grooves are possible with Butler sinks that sit below the worktop, but not where the sink sits higher than the worktop.

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