Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner by Osmo®, one of the leading producers and providers of modern wood products.

A ready to use clear spray solution, Osmo® Spray Cleaner  has been specially developed for oiled and waxed wood surfaces, especially suitable for Timber Worktops.

Supplied as a Twin Pack of 2 x 500ml Bottles.

Easy to use, simply spray and wipe clean with lint free cloth.

Moisturises the wood’s surface to maintain freshness.

Contains soaps based on natural oils which prevents your beautiful wooden worktops from drying out as a result of daily cleaning.

Water soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer.

Especially mild on the skin, free of dyes and aromas, biodegradable, free of solvents and emissions, and thus supports a healthy living environment.

For Instructions for Use and Product Safety Data, follow the links below.

Osmo® Spray Cleaner Product Information

Osmo® Spray Cleaner Safety Data


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